Radiology Review Manual

Language: English
numberofpages: 1232 Extension: chm

Principles of computerized tomographic imaging

Emission tomography. The fundamentals of PET and SPECT

Radiation Protection

Publisher: Harvard University Press (2002)
Language: English
numberofpages: 688 Extension: pdf

Paul and Juhl's Essentials of Radiologic Imaging

Microcomputed tomography: methodology and applications

Publisher: CRC Press (2008)
Language: English
numberofpages: 366 Extension: pdf

The Physics of medical imaging

Author:S. Webb
Publisher: Hilger (1988)
Language: English
numberofpages: 318 Extension: pdf

Essentials of Radiology

Publisher: Saunders (2004)
Language: English
numberofpages: 708 Extension: pdf

Physics Of Radiology

Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher (1983)
Language: English
numberofpages: 809 Extension: djvu

Atlas of Nuclear Medicine Artifacts and Variants